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About us?

Holos "Ethnotherapeutic Journey & Retreats" a team with a passion for creating holistic transpersonal journeys, contemplating the human being as a whole. "Holos" in Greek means "the whole." We integrate body, mind and spirit in search of healing.

Aware that it is a path of discovery, learning and approach to life and spirituality, a constant of the human condition.

We offer you trips to places on the planet where ancient shamanic wisdoms still survive. These provide us with opportunities to awaken, work on mindfulness, and broadening consciousness. They are transformative experiences thanks to three basic elements: the environment, shamanism and tutors.

The environment allows us to enter and contact the heritage of the wise men and women who left their mark on the memory of the local community, savoring that magical verb that is Travel and merging it in an exquisite mixture with another: Heal. "Traveling healing." Recover the philosophy that seeks to promote enjoyment and calm allowing the traveler to savor said environment with time and tranquility.

Shamanic ancestral wisdom transmitted in rituals will help us explore and broaden our consciousness: Shamans, fire, chants, drums and dances.
The tutors will provide the necessary climate to fully experience the experience. Experts in transpersonal trips and initiation trips.

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