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Ethnotherapeutic Mexico Retreat

From July 4 to 18, 2022

An Incredible Ethnotherapeutic Experience 

A trip-seminar in which we offer you a very deep experiential work, focused on expanded states of consciousness, to immerse ourselves in the heart of Mexican civilization.

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We propose you to travel to several retreats to the heart of Mexican civilization to deepen, inquire, explore, even learn various traditional therapeutic teachings through participation in different shamanic rituals and the application of transpersonal techniques.

The tour will allow to flow, rediscover and enrich the spirit. A unique experience based on personal work, the richness of the group through the expanded states of consciousness. We will approach its people and its traditions to receive its great ancestral wisdom.

By Magda Solé, psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist, and Jaume Mestres, transpersonal therapist and coach. Experts, both, in Mexican Shamanism and in general.

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The trip is organized in three parts or itineraries in the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca.


The Tropical Jungle: We will let ourselves be embraced by the depth of the jungle and the immensity of the Sontecomapan lagoon located in the region of the Tuxlas, of great Shamanic tradition where we will perform ancestral rituals.

 The Sierra Madre: We will share the indigenous wisdom in the Sierra Mazateca.

 The Central Valley: In the valley, we will discover the colonial city of Oaxaca.


July 4th : Boca del Rio

Starting and meeting point for shamanic explorers. Facing the sea surrounded by gardens we will stay at the mythical Hotel Mocambo. Presentation of the group.


July 5th : Boca del Rio Trip - Sontecomapan

We will travel to the region of the Tuxlas, where the largest concentration of shamans in the area is located, Catemaco where we will perform the Ritual of Limpia, and then go to Sontecomapan and the pool of Los Enanos. We will stay at Rancho los Amigos where we will start the first retreat.      


July 6th : Retreat at Rancho Los Amigos

In the middle of the jungle on the shore of the Sontecomapan lagoon in the middle of the Los Tuxlas Biosphere Reserve, in contact with nature we will perform a meditation of the heart and harmonization with Mother Earth.


July 7th : Retreat in Rancho Los Amigos

Integration of experiences.


July 8th : Retreat at Rancho Los Amigos

We will perform the Temazcal Ceremony surrounded by giant bamboos on the hill. It is an ancestral ritual that consists of purifying both the body and the spirit through a steam bath, medicinal plants and aromatic herbs in a sweat cabin, natural constructions that symbolize the womb of Mother Earth. 


July 9th : Retreat in Rancho Los Amigos

Integration of the experiences and meditation of the Soul.

Beginning of the preparations for our stay in the Sierra, we will have the opportunity to make a deep dive into the simple and rustic life of the Mazatecs.


July 10th : Trip from Sontecomapan to Huautla

We will go to the Sierra Mazateca, an immense mountain formation, part of the Sierra Madre Oriental located north of the State of Oaxaca. At 1800 meters of altitude with lush and humid vegetation offers us an extraordinary and unique vision, the clouds dance from the heights a mysterious dance that hints at the depth of the ancestral healing rituals that we will perform. We will arrive in the evening to Huautla.


July 11th :  Retreat in Huautla

Start of the retreat. We will go to the market to stock up on all the necessary elements to perform the rituals of these days.


July 12th : Retreat in Huautla

Retreat with ancestral healing rituals.


July 13th : Retreat in Huautla

Retreat with ancestral healing rituals.


July 14th : Trip from Huautla to Oaxaca.

We plan in the morning to head towards Oaxaca through the valley, crossing the Rio Grande. We will see expanses of cacti and various picturesque towns.  Arrival in Oaxaca and overnight at the hotel.


July 15th : Retreat in Oaxaca.

Colonial city founded by the Zapotecs. Workshop on the integration of lived experiences.


July 16th : Retreat in Oaxaca

Retreat in Oaxaca with various activities.


July 17th : Retreat in Oaxaca

The whole day of activities with trips to inspiring places to continue with the workshops and with the final integration. Dinner and Closing Ritual.


July 18th : Retreat in Oaxaca

After the final breakfast of the trip-retreat.

full board
Planned accommodation or accommodation with similar characteristics:
Hotel Mocambo (Boca del Rio - Veracruz)
Rancho Los Amigos, (Sontecomapan)
Hotel Santa Julia (Huautla)
Oaxacally Hotel (Oaxaca)

In case of requiring a single room, the supplement is not included.


INCLUDES: The price includes accommodation in a double room in hotels and in another type of accommodation is shared. All meals or full board from dinner on the day of departure, to breakfast on the last day, also, all travel, activities and group shamanic work planned throughout the trip.

NOT INCLUDED: Meals of the 3 days of stay in Oaxaca.  Airline tickets and transfer from airports or bus stations.


Travel and services may be subject to change based on availability.



Due to the fact that the service providers have very strict cancellation conditions, HolosTravel offers you special insurance in case of cancellation in order to cover the amounts you consider appropriate.

In case of cancellation by the client, the following amounts will apply. If canceled fifteen days before departure, 50% If canceled three days before 100% In addition to these expenses you will have to pay Holos Travel the management costs (€ 65). We recommend taking out an insurance policy that covers the expenses in case of cancellation. 

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